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DELL’s lack of communication

More than one month has now passed since we sent our demand for sponsorship and still we didn’t receive any single answer from DELL. Our two pages, nicely written letter, was sent on the 18th of December 2008 to the marketing department at their headquarter in Geneva.

Beginning of January, we decided to try and contact them per phone. Unfortunately they don’t allow “normal” people or companies to speak directly with someone of their marketing department.  The only thing they told us we could do is to send a fax or an e-mail. So immediately after the phone call we sent a mail to the e-mail address which was given to us ( with our letter attached as PDF. Again no answer from this e-mail address neither.

After waiting one week, we tried our very last option – send a fax. That’s what we did to the number they have given us. Fax went through, but guess what ? No answer neither…

We don’t really understand the total lack of transparency or communication on the side of DELL and why can’t they just write a small mail to at least say sorry we are not interested. In my opinion, an answer even if negative is the minimum what can be done and should be done. It is also curious that one can’t even speak with their marketing department directly per phone. We can’t believe that DELL has lost our letter or so because they received it three times via three different communication media. If there would be another media we would also go for it… Maybe a telegram would work ? ;-)

Analyzing our web logs and statistics also revealed no trace of any kind of domain name belonging to DELL. This would mean that they didn’t even take 2 minutes to have a quick look at our project and test it. But this is just a supposition as it could be that their IP address range hasn’t any domain name associated to it. Well it wouldn’t surprise me anyway if they never tested our search engine.

Finally from all this we can simply deduct that DELL doesn’t care about interesting projects and isn’t even bothered to reply polite letters, faxes or even mails. One would say to us, what did you expect from such a big company ?

On the other side, during this Christmas we received some alternative propositions from private persons and companies. This makes us quite enthusiastic and we are pretty sure we will find another solution without DELL. Still we would appreciate DELL answering us…

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